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The KNOTT Service App for your smartphone

The new KNOTT Service App is now available for you free of charge. To download, simply click on the corresponding link.

App Store (Iphone): Google Play (Android):

Knott Service App in the App Store ( App - Apps at Google Play

Function overview

ETS Plus remote display:

In conjunction with the optional remote display, the system status of the ETS Plus (Electronic Trailer Stabilisation) can be checked directly on the mobile phone.

Link to all information ETS Plus: All about ETS Plus - Knott GmbH

ETS Plus in the shop: ETS - Knott GmbH (


Turn your mobile phone into a remote control from easydriver (manoeuvring system), which you always have at hand and which is always charged.


Set your individually desired tire pressure and be automatically warned when this tire pressure range is left.


Conveniently read the drawbar load of the trailer on your mobile phone.

To the shop:

If new components, accessories or a spare part are required, then we will direct you to our online shop.

Dealer search:

If a dealer is needed nearby, you can find him here. Whether at the current location or at a freely selected location.

Sun orientation aid:

On vacation always the sun in view, with the right alignment it works.

Spirit level:

For easy alignment of the caravan or motorhome, that restful sleep on vacation does not come up short.

Knott Service:

Do you have any questions or requests. Just give us a call or send us an e-mail.


Quickly and conveniently find the appropriate instructions and information you need right now.

Trailer profile:

Create your personal trailer profile so that you always have the data of your trailer in view.

A demo mode is also available for the ETS Plus remote display, easydriver, TireControl and E-Load products.


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