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KNOTT Wet multi disc brake

Knott's full-disc brakes, which run in an oil bath, operate according to the ball ramp principle and are available in multi- and mono-servo versions. For activation, the pressure wedge, tension wedge or tension plate principle is available. Different friction lining qualities, the number of lining discs and different ramp and wedge angles enable a wide range of variants. In this way, braking performance and braking comfort can be precisely matched to the respective vehicle.

In combination with matching KNOTT actuating cylinders, service brakes as well as parking and auxiliary brakes can be implemented, which can be designed as muscle power, auxiliary power or external power braking systems. The actuation can not only be mechanical or hydraulic but also hydraulic-mechanical or as a spring-loaded combination cylinder. Thus, in addition to the pure parking or service brake function, combinations of service and parking or auxiliary brake functions are possible.

Wet solid disc brakes are mainly used in agricultural tractors, harvesting machines, forestry machines and construction machines.

Available sizes: Pull version: Ø 5.6″ to 9.5″ Push version: Ø 6.5″ to 16″.



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