Take off. For secure traction

Optimum braking on the tarmac

The demands on vehicles are also increasing in airfield operations. New superliners are being built - and just like all other aircraft, they have to be brought "on course" into and out of the parking position. For the airfield vehicles, this means that they not only have to brake themselves, but also the aircraft.



Towing and braking 60 tons and more

A single brake is usually not enough. In a 60-ton aircraft tractor, for example, eight hydraulic fixed caliper brakes from KNOTT are installed. And that is not the end of performance. Because development is going on all the time - and KNOTT is part of it. So that passengers and freight are always safe on the ground.



Whatever the industry expects - KNOTT is ready for it

How big will the next luxury liner be? What requirements will airfield vehicles have to meet in the future? These are all topics that concern you - and us. When it comes to the right and precisely matched braking systems.

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