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The KNOTT drum brake basic systems

Not all drum brakes are the same. Especially not when they come from KNOTT. Because based on our basic range, we develop exactly the brake solution you need. Or to put it another way: We make your brake.

Cam brakes

The robust cam brakes offer the advantage that they can be activated mechanically as well as hydraulically or pneumatically with external cylinders. Therefore,  the combination of the service and the parking brake is made possible.

Cam brakes are used mainly  as parking brakes. However, they can also be found in air-braked trailers as combined service and parking brakes in the S-cam variant.

Available sizes: Ø 115mm - Ø 500mm
Braking torques up to 35.000Nm

Hydraulic simplex brakes

Simplex brakes are characterised by fixed support in the lower area. This enables a backlash-free parking brake function. Another advantage is the constant characteristic value, which enables good dosing.

The hydraulic simplex brake is the most widely used type of brake. It is used in almost every area of application.

Available sizes: Ø 160mm - Ø 500mm
Braking torques up to 25.000Nm

Hydraulic servo brakes

Servo brakes are characterised by a movable support bearing (usually on the underside), through which the frictional force of the brake shoe running up is transmitted to the brake shoe running down. This design allows high braking torques to be achieved with low actuating forces.

Servo brakes are used when large masses have to be stopped, but the installation space is limited, e.g. in fork-lift trucks.

Available sizes: Ø 170mm - Ø 440mm
Braking torques up to 25,000Nm


Spreader wedge brakes

Expanding wedge brakes are manufactured in simplex and duplex versions. They are activated by bolted-on compressed air or hydraulic cylinders. An additional parking brake function is possible via spring-loaded cylinders.

Wedge brakes are mainly used in commercial vehicle construction and are characterised by fast response times. These brakes are therefore well suited for use in ABS systems.

Available sizes: Ø 410mm - Ø 500mm
Braking torques up to 40.000Nm

Spreader lever brakes

Spreader lever brakes can be activated through linkage or a cable that can be retrofitted from the outside and take over service and parking brake functions. With the optional integrated automatic reverse, these brakes are often used on light trailers.

Available sizes:
dia 160 mm - dia 300 mm
Braking torques up to 6000 Nm

Would you like to learn more about your options with electromagnetic brakes? Contact our sales team directly.