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The KNOTT disc brake basic systems

They can be dosed extremely precisely, have constant characteristic values and are insensitive to temperature and speed fading. This applies to all our disc brakes. Whether from the standard range or precisely adapted to your requirements.

Spring-loaded sliding caliper brakes

These brakes work according to the "fail-safe" principle, i.e. in the normal operating state of the vehicle the brake is released by a constant pressure supply. In the event of a pressure drop, safe braking is initiated by the integrated spring brake.

Spring-loaded sliding caliper brakes are particularly suitable as parking brakes on transmission output and axle drive flanges. The enclosed design is optimal for off-road use.

Available sizes: Piston diameters from 75 - 110 mm
Braking torques up to 9,500 Nm

Hydraulic fixed caliper disc brakes

They are characterized by a fixed connection with the wheel suspension. The braking force acting on the brake disc is generated by at least two opposing pistons.

The advantage: unlike floating or sliding calipers, fixed caliper disc brakes have no sliding elements and can therefore be used off-road or generally in environments with heavy dirt.

Available sizes: 2, 4 or 6 pistons with diameters of 40 - 92 mm
Braking torques up to 120,000 Nm

Hydraulic sliding caliper disc brakes

The actuating force in hydraulic sliding caliper disc brakes is applied on one side via one or more pistons. The actuating force on the opposite side is generated by the reaction force of the sliding caliper, which is supported on the disc by the pads.

This design allows the brake to be built further into the rim. Generally, this brake design is suitable for on-road applications with tight installation spaces. Typical applications include municipal vehicles, airport equipment, trailers, etc.

Available sizes: 1 or 2 pistons with diameter of 40 - 72 mm
Braking torques up to 10,000 Nm



Mechanical sliding caliper disc brakes

These brakes have a brake lever that is controlled externally via compressed air, hydraulic or spring-loaded cylinders or via cable or linkage and handbrake lever. Mechanical sliding calipers are used as parking and auxiliary brakes (parking brakes).

Available sizes: MGS 22, MGS 33, MGS 40, MGS 45 and MZB 40
Braking torques up to 6,000 Nm.

Air disc brakes

An air disc brake is actuated on one side via an external diaphragm cylinder. The actuating force on the opposite side is generated via the reaction force of the sliding caliper. The main advantages over conventional systems are the compact design, ease of servicing and stable braking behaviour.

Applications for air disc brakes can be found in heavy-duty, commercial on-road applications such as trucks, buses or mobile cranes as well as trailers

Available sizes: PGS 15 and PGS 22
Braking torques up to 25,000 Nm

Hydraulic Mechanical sliding caliper brakes

These brakes offer a service brake function as well as an integrated parking brake function. The actuating force is applied on one side, either hydraulically via the service brake piston or mechanically via the brake lever. The actuating force on the opposite side is generated by the reaction force of the sliding caliper.

A significant advantage of our brakes is the reinforced components of the parking brake unit, which make it possible to hold a vehicle even on extreme gradients. The brakes are therefore mainly used in construction machinery and special vehicles.

Available sizes: Piston diameter
52 - 56 mm
Braking torques up to 2600 Nm

To ensure the optimum adaptation for your project, it is best to directly contact our application technology department.

You are welcome to fill out the contact form on our contact page and already state your initial requirements.

The application technology department will then get in touch with you. It is best to give your telephone number for queries.