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Road construction, mining, ... anyone who needs a secure hold; relies on KNOTT

½ century of experience

KNOTT made its first steps in the construction industry around 50 years ago. With hydraulic drum brakes for one of the first hydraulic wheeled excavators from the company Sennebogen. Since then, we have continuously developed further. From the small wheel loader to the large dump truck.



The signs of the times - and the brakes for the future

Bigger and faster. On the road in new fields of work such as opencast mining. Today's construction machines have to perform better almost every year. On the road, on the construction site, or in heavy, rough terrain. Service intervals are not what is in desired here. Instead, it is about short maintenance intervals - and thus also about robust and long-lasting brakes. In other words, maximum efficiency!



Reliable and durable - from development to maintenance

At KNOTT, we see ourselves as a service provider when it comes to brakes. This means that you get exactly the product that fits your project. Not off the shelf, but tailored to your needs. Robust and durable. If only because we are the manufacturer who can simulate almost all brake variants and sizes on our test benches. Challenge us! Let's talk about your next challenge!