What counts in every operation: absolute reliability.

Unpredictable requirements, maximum braking competence

In military operations in particular, it is seldom possible to predict all eventualities. Nevertheless, perhaps more than anywhere else, everything has to work. Because in case of doubt, it's a matter of survival. We are a little proud of the fact that we can meet these requirements.



Brake safely, move on safely - in any terrain

When things have to move quickly, two things are crucial: safe braking. And above all, safe brake release. So that things can move on again quickly after a standstill. And this in vehicles that often put a lot of weight on the ground. Or rather, on a wide variety of surfaces. In the rarest of cases on asphalt roads as we know them. KNOTT masters these requirements with flying colours.



Highly specialized applications - also for braking technology

The military sector is perhaps the most demanding when it comes to research, development and functionality. This is where our engineers make full use of their in-depth knowledge. And both sides - manufacturers and KNOTT itself - benefit from each other's many years of experience and reliability. Is your next challenge on the horizon? Contact and challenge us!