From containers to high-bay warehouses: innovations that move.

Movement in warehousing

Optimised warehousing and just-in-time deliveries need one thing above all: functioning in-house logistics. In other words, one that does not take long breaks, but runs and runs and runs. This also means that the brakes have to work. Permanently and without long maintenance breaks.



From large container forklifts to 1-tonne electric forklifts

It doesn't matter whether it's huge container forklifts in the ports of this world or small electric forklifts in the warehouses of numerous companies. Safety and function are essential in both cases. In other words, exactly what KNOTT offers. From spring-loaded sliding calipers in container stackers to hydraulic drum brakes and electromagnetic brakes in classic warehouse stackers.



Automated, specialised - designed exactly for you.

As in all areas, KNOTT designs exactly the right brake solution for your requirements. In doing so, we are designed with the future in mind. For example, "fail-safe" brakes are already part of our standard today. Even though they may not be mandatory for all industrial trucks until tomorrow. Otherwise, the following applies: For us, standard is exactly what you need!


Let's talk about the future of your industrial trucks!