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The original KNOTT ETS Plus is the guarantee for the driving safety of your caravan. Our industry-proven stabilisation system detects potential risks of rolling at an early stage and brakes the caravan precisely. So your journey is not only beautiful but safer!

We are very familiar with the manufacture of caravan trailers. That is why the original KNOTT ETS Plus is perfectly matched to all KNOTT chassis - and now also to all AL-KO chassis. State-of-the-art sensors and high-performance materials guarantee maximum safety, durability and reliability.

This is how it runs safely

Technically perfectly tuned, the integrated sensor of our original KNOTT ETS Plus constantly monitors the movements of the caravan/trailer combination.

Special software precisely evaluates the data in real-time - so that, for example, bumps passed over or similar standard situations do not trigger the brakes. But when things get critical, the software reacts at lightning speed. This is ensured by our specially developed algorithm, which initiates the braking process in a fraction of a second and effectively combats the rolling motion.


Makes the invisible visible: The ETS Plus remote display

As a faithful travelling companion, your ETS Plus noticeably ensures that you are safe on the road with your caravan trailer.

Whether you are rolling quietly along the road or your stabilisation system is currently providing support:
Our ETS Plus remote display including the bracket makes it visible from now on - for all those who also like to keep an eye on their safety.

With clearly recognizable symbols on the display of your remote display, you are always informed about all important functions of your ETS Plus as well as the current safety status. Further information on ordering the ETS Plus remote display directly will be available here at the beginning of 2018.

In addition, the free KNOTT app for your smartphone will also be available from the beginning of 2018 - with many useful extra functions and personal services.

KNOTT app: your smart plus in security

Whether with or without ETS Plus: if you are travelling with KNOTT, it is best to download our new, free app directly onto your smartphone and benefit from numerous additional functions - from the display of journey and rest times to the practical POI alignment aid for your caravan, so that you can make the most of the sun when you arrive at your destination, for example. Do you need our advice or are you looking for the nearest KNOTT workshop? Then the app is also your direct line to us and our service.

The app offers added security to anyone who uses the ETS Plus in combination with the ETS Plus remote display. Via Bluetooth, all information on the function of your stabilisation system is transmitted to your smartphone in a detailed and clearly visualised form: Is your ETS Plus active and available? Is it currently braking your trailer? Are there any other safety-relevant indications? The KNOTT app, which is available in numerous languages, shows you this in a clearly understandable way and also logs all messages for you - so that you can continue to take off with a clear view.

Why you simply travel safer with knott?

5 questions to the developers of the ETS Plus:

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Josef Strasser and mechanical engineer Christian Mertinko



Info sheet installation space ETS Plus Use this PDF to check whether you have enough installation space for your ETS Plus

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