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Why you simply travel safer with knott?

5 questions to the developers of the ETS Plus:

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Josef Strasser and mechanical engineer Christian Mertinko

What actually causes caravans to lurch and what is so dangerous about it?

Josef Strasser: Every caravan becomes unstable with increasing speed. Even if a caravan has been optimally loaded and secured, sudden gusts of wind, the suction when overtaking a truck or bumps in the road can be the triggers for uncontrolled rolling. One of the most frequent causes, by the way, are downhill stretches. When it gets steep, the weight of the caravan presses against the vehicle. The caravan becomes unstable and particularly sensitive to wind from the side and to bumps in the ground - in the worst case, all this can lead to uncontrollable driving behaviour and tipping!


And how does the ETS Plus make caravanning safe?

Christian Mertinko: A special sensor permanently monitors the movements of the caravan. If a clearly critical situation is detected, the ETS Plus reacts in a fraction of a second and activates controlled braking. This literally pulls the carriage back into line, stabilises it immediately and at the same time the ETS Plus lowers the speed. This averts the danger.


How can I basically prevent critical situations?

Josef Strasser: Correct loading is very important. The closer you place your load to the axle, the less likely it is that the trailer will swing. The correct drawbar load is also important. And of course an appropriate speed. After all, with caravans, the journey is already a bit of a holiday.


Which caravans is the ETS Plus suitable for?

Christian Mertinko: At KNOTT, we have been developing chassis for caravans and also axles and brakes since 1997. So we really know our stuff. The ETS Plus is therefore a perfect match for KNOTT and AL-KO chassis, i.e. for all caravans. Because it is a high-quality original from KNOTT, it can be integrated smoothly into the existing caravan system.


What else should you know about the ETS Plus?

Josef Strasser: Some of our products are also reliably used in professional applications. For example, we manufacture brake solutions for tractors, large trailers, construction machinery or airport equipment. For these application areas absolute safety, reliability and durability are existencially important. It is precisely this expertise that we also incorporate into our products for caravans. The ETS Plus, like all our developments, has industrial quality that you can rely on!

Christian Mertinko: The quality of our products does not only refer to the technology, but also to the materials used. Despite all the advanced safety technology, it is also important to us that caravanners benefit from our ETS Plus for a long time. That's why we took a close look at the materials used during development. The high-performance materials used, which are also used in industry, are ultra-light and resistant to corrosion. This saves costs in the long run!



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