+++ ABS in agriculture? KNOTT is prepared. +++

Wet multi disc brakes
Wet multi disc brakes

For agricultural utility vehicles with a maximum speed of over 60 km/h, ABS is already compulsory. The current heated discussion centres on whether ABS should also be introduced from 40 kph and above. As for KNOTT in Eggstätt, we just say “Let’s take it as it comes!”

When the EU Commission introduces new regulations, then these are usually for a good reason. Nevertheless, these regulations cause many of us to put our thinking caps on. Unless of course – as is the case with KNOTT – a solution is already at hand.

“In the past we have generally come off well when having to deal with the subject of ABS. Of course this has been with large plant, where the law calls for it”, explains Richard Hamberger, Head Application Manager with KNOTT. KNOTT brakes can generally be combined with ABS.

Is this also true for the annular piston system, which is used for most agricultural towing vehicles with maximum speeds of up to 40 kph. “These are not part of our product range. And it would not make much sense”, comments Hamberger. “This system can, in a pure sense, not be as technically efficient when used in conjunction with ABS.”

The ball-ramp principle instead of annular pistons

With KNOTT one profits from in-house systems which function according to the ball-ramp principle with external actuation . “This enables us to rely on a servoing effect. And the entire system can be used hydraulically or adapted to compressed air for ABS”, says a pleased Hamberger.

On incorporating the system into a tractor he says: “Our 10 inch solid wet disc brake is going to be the practical alternative when ABS comes along.” You won’t find any thinking caps at KNOTT. What you will find are practical solutions.

More information on ABS in agricultural machines and machinery can be obtained from KNOTT GmbH, Richard Hamberger, Tel +49 (0)8056 960-123, email: Richard Hamberger

Published on: 01.09.2015