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Supplier Portal

Production supply requirements are becoming increasingly complex, reaction and development times are becoming shorter, and it is more important than ever to react flexibly to the new requirements on the market.

These are the exact points that we need to deal with on a daily basis in order to remain competitive in the global economy.

The logistics and the quality of the supplied products play a crucial role in daily business. In order to meet these requirements, we need to maintain a close, good, and transparent cooperation with our suppliers.

To secure collective competitiveness and to meet our clients’ high standards of quality, our supplier should commit to using the following forms.


Knott_Lieferantenhandbuch_web-1Supplier Manual from KNOTT

“Revision Date: July 2016 / version number 004/2016”

“This supplier manual describes the logistics and quality requirements of Knott Werke Germany for suppliers and also represent an integral contractual component”




BestaetigungsschreibenConfirmation letter supplier handbook:

„Confirmation form for the Knott supplier handbook“





Supplier self-disclosure:

„Form for disclosure of all business-relevant data before entering into a business relationship with Knott“





Allgemeine-Einkaufsbedingungen-der-Knott-GmbH-1Mutual Confidential Agreement:

“Revision Date: 03/02/2012”