Investment in a new production center

knott_vollscheibenbremsen-1At its main plant in Eggstätt, Knott has invested in new modern technology for the fully automated manufacture of actuator discs for wet multi disc brakes which are mainly used in agricultural tractors, harvesters, forest machines and construction machines. The aim is to improve the precision, speed and economy, as well as the modernization of the production steps in high volumes.

Laser scanners and robots assist in the production

Over ten months of development has resulted in a fully automated vertical lathe. It was developed at machining center of the company Famar in Italy. Two 6-axis robot and laser scanners help to remove and return the parts directly from the metal crates. Following the processing of the raw parts, they are automatically deburred, washed and measured. In order to realize the optimal fit for your brakes project, speak most directly to us.

Published on: 16.03.2016