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A complex variety of demands – safe braking where the public is concerned

New fields of application are hard to find

Vehicles which are used in public areas often present a great variety of demands. Road and street construction, snow removal and gritting service, mowing, to name but a few. And then there is a need for really small vehicles. Each one has its special area of deployment. And each will need to be braked with optimum efficiency.

From forestry to the janitor

A forestry machine that will meet all technical and legal requirements on the roughest terrain. An electrical vehicle for minor road sweeping tasks. Or heavy equipment for more major tasks. KNOTT meets all these demands!

Special know-how – full braking energy

Thanks to our long tradition and great experience in special fields of application, our engineers are in the position to coordinate several sectors. For perfect axle and brake solutions. Just ask us. And you will get the right answer and the right brake!

Ask us. And you get the right answer and brake!