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Where safety is the overriding factor: brake solutions by KNOTT

Unpredictable demands, greatest brake compliancy

In military deployment it is seldom possible to predict all eventualities. In spite of this, and perhaps in this sector more than anywhere else, everything must function without a hitch. In cases of doubt, survival is at stake. And we are quite proud to say we can rise to these occasions, too.

Brake safely, continue safely – in any terrain

Where speed is of the essence, two things assume great importance: safe braking, and of course safe brake release. Any vehicle in an idle state needs to continue safely at some point. In this sector, many vehicles are extremely heavy and travel on highly variable terrains. Sometimes on tarmac roads familiar to us all. KNOTT technology masters these tasks boldly.

Highly specialised deployment – for brake technology too

The military sector is perhaps the most demanding when it comes to research, development and functionality. This is where our engineers can draw upon their full range of knowledge. Both partners – manufacturers like KNOTT itself as well as the customer – profit from mutual experience and dependability gathered over many years. Is your next project placing demands on you? Then contact us and discuss them with our team!