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Logistics pick up speed – with brakes designed by KNOTT

Moving loads in the warehouse

Optimum warehousing and Just-in-Time deliveries need one thing above all else: an in-house logistics system that functions properly. One which does not incur long down-times. But which runs and runs. And this is where good brakes come in. Future proof and with low maintenance.

From large container stacker up to 1 ton electric lift truck

Whether a huge container stacker in one of the world’s ports, or a small electric forklift in a warehouse in one of many numerous businesses. Safety and function are vital in both cases. And this is exactly what KNOTT offers. From spring-pack sliding calliper in a container stacker to hydraulic drum brakes and electromagnetic brakes in the standard warehouse forklift.

Automated, specialised – the right design for you

As in all sectors, KNOTT will produce exactly the right brake design for you. And our solutions are future proof. Just by way of example, our “fail-safe” brakes are our standard solution today. Even if it will only be mandatory for floor conveyors at a future date. Otherwise, the standard is just what we need! Talk to us about the future of your floor conveyers!