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Road building, mining … if you need brake power, you can rely on KNOTT

Five decades of experience

Around 50 years ago KNOTT took its first steps in the construction industry. Initial designs were our hydraulic drum brakes for one of the first wheeled excavators made by the Sennebogen concern. Since then we have continued to develop. From a small wheeled loader right up to a large tipper lorry / dump truck.

Signs of the times – and brakes for the future

Bigger and faster. New vistas of application open up. Such as open-pit mining. Today’s construction machinery has, year in year out, to meet ever increasing demands. Whether on road, on site, or on impassable terrain. The worst that can happen is downtime. And there is a great need to keep maintenance intervals to the absolute minimum. Which is why we make robust and durable brakes. Our watchword is efficiency!

Reliable and durable – from development to maintenance

At KNOTT we see ourselves as a service provider when it comes to brakes. This means you get exactly the product that suits your project. Nothing is off the shelf, but will be a bespoke solution to meet your needs. Robust and durable. We are moreover a manufacturer which is able to simulate on our own test benches almost every variant of a particular brake system. Set us a challenge! And talk to us about your next project!