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Better traction, better thrust, better braking. In a word: KNOTT

On the operating area…optimum braking

In the sector of airfield operations too, increasing demands are made on vehicles. New superliners come into being – and like all other aeroplanes need to brought into and out of park position before setting course. For airfield vehicles this means they not only have to be braked, but also brake the plane.

Sixty tons and more need to be towed and braked

Here, one brake is simply not enough. A 60 ton aeroplane tractor is fitted with e.g. eight hydraulic fixed calliper brakes designed by KNOTT. And this is not the end of its performance capability. New vistas of development open up – and KNOTT is on the case. In order that passengers and freight are safe for ground transportation.

What the sector also needed – KNOTT rises to the occasion

How large will the next luxury airliner be? And what demands will airfield vehicles need to meet in the future? These are certainly questions that concern not only our partners but KNOTT too. If you need exactly the right brake system, tuned to your needs, come and talk to us!