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We meet the challenges of increasing demand

Robust and future proof

KNOTT can look back on a long tradition in the agricultural field. And we are still aware today of that history. Only by permanent innovation are we able to meet the rapid demands of the international market. Our products have to be of the highest quality to ensure they are adequate solutions for all types of terrain and under any weather conditions. And they prove more than adequate.

Large scale and small scale special solutions

In order to ensure greatest operational reliability within individual environments, we at KNOTT do not rely on off the peg solutions. We draw on the German art of engineering. Only then are we in the position to realise what our customers need: the very best brake for a specific application. Whether a prototype for test phases, series production for the extreme conditions encountered by heavy agricultural machines, or highly individual brake systems for special small-scale production, we rise to every occasion.

Huge fields, delicate vineyards…

… and much else besides in agriculture. We see every inquiry as a challenge. Although we are now a world-wide company, our beginnings were small, just like many a new concern today. No need then to steer clear of major names! At least not of ours. And don’t forget, every inquiry is a challenge for us.