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The Original Knott ETS Plus guarantees driving safety of your caravan. Our industry-tested stabilisation system recognises potential swerve risks early and brakes car and caravan with precision. So your journey is not only beautiful but also safe!

We are experts in the manufacturing of caravan trailers. Therefore, the Original KNOTT ETS Plus is perfectly tuned to all KNOTT chassis – now including all AL-KO chassis.
Up-to-date sensors and high-performance materials ensure the highest degree of safety, longevity and reliability.


The integrated sensor of our Original KNOTT ETS Plus constantly monitors the movements of the car/caravan combination with perfect technological precision. A special software evaluates the data in real-time – so that, for example, while crossing bumps or similar obstacles, the brakes are not activated. However, when the situation becomes critical, the software reacts at lightning speed. This is ensured by our own algorithm which initiates the braking process within a fraction of a second and effectively counters the swerve.


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Make the invisible visible:
the ETS Plus remote display

Your ETS is a faithful travelling companion and you’ll soon notice that it keeps your caravan trailer safely in its tracks. Whether you are driving calmly along the road or your stabilisation system is reacting to prevent snaking: our ETS Plus remote system sees everything in real time – held in the dashboard holder it enables you to keep a watchful eye on safety.Instantly recognisable symbols on your remote display keep you up-to-date with the important functions of your ETS Plus and the current safety status. We will post more information here on how to place direct orders for the ETS Plus remote display at the start of 2018.

The free KNOTT app for your smartphone will also be available on the same date – it includes many useful extra functions and personal service.

KNOTT app:
Your smart Plus for more safety

With or without ETS Plus: when you travel with KNOTT, it’s best to download our free app to your smartphone and benefit from the many additional and service functions – from displaying travel and rest times through to the practical GPS positioning aid for your caravan. So that you can get maximum enjoyment out of the sun when you arrive at your destination. Do you need our advice or are you looking for your nearest KNOTT dealership? Then the app is also your direct connection to us and our service network.

The app also offers increased safety to everyone using both the ETS Plus and SETS Plus remote display. All data relating to the function of your stabilisation system is sent in detail via Bluetooth and clearly displayed on your smartphone: Is your ETS Plus active and available? Is it braking your trailer at the moment? Is there any other safety-related information? The KNOTT app is available in several languages. It shows you everything very clearly and also logs all messages – so that you can drive off with all systems in view.

Download the KNOTT app from GooglePlay or App Store:

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Why is travelling with Knott simply safer?

5 questions for the developer of ETS Plus:
M.Sc. Eng. Josef Strasser and
Mechanical Engineer Christian Mertinko


Why do caravans swerve so easily and why does this present a grave danger?

Josef Strasser: Any car/trailer combination becomes unstable with increasing speed. Even if a caravan was optimally loaded and secured, sudden wind gusts, the wake when overtaking a truck or road bumps may cause uncontrolled swerving. One of the most frequent causes are downhill gradients, by the way. When the road becomes steep, the weight of the caravan starts to push against the vehicle. The combination becomes unstable and extremely vulnerable to side winds or surface bumps. In the worst scenario, all this may lead to uncontrolled driving and the caravan tipping over!

And how does ETS Plus make caravan driving safer?

Christian Mertinko: A special sensor permanently monitors the movements of the car/caravan combination. When it recognises a clearly critical situation, ETS Plus reacts within a fraction of a second and initiates a controlled brake process. This will literally protract the car/trailer combination and stabilises it immediately while ETS Plus simultaneously reduces the speed. Danger averted.

How can I generally prevent such critical situations?

Josef Strasser: Loading the caravan correctly is extremely important. The more of the load is located around the axle, the lower is the probability that the car/trailer combination will oscillate. The correct support load is also important. And of course sensible speed. After all, already the journey is for caravan owners a piece of holiday.

What kind of caravans is the ETS Plus suitable for?

Christian Mertinko: At KNOTT, we have been developing chassis for caravans as well as axles and brakes since 1997. So we know exactly what we do. Therefore, ETS-Plus is perfectly suitable for KNOTT and AL-KO chassis, i.e., for all caravans. Since it is a high-quality original product manufactured by KNOTT, it can be easily integrated into the existing caravan system.

What else should I know about ETS Plus?

Josef Strasser: Some of our products are also reliably used in professional areas. We, for instance, manufacture brake solutions for tractors, large trailers, construction machinery or airport equipment, and those depend on absolute safety, reliability and longevity. Naturally, we incorporate all this expertise in our products for caravans. Like all our developments, the ETS Plus is of industrial quality that our customers can rely on!

Christian Mertinko: The quality of our products does not only extend to the technology but also to the materials used. Despite all leading-edge safety technology, we are also committed to ensure that caravan owners can enjoy our ETS Plus for a long time. Therefore, we intensively focused on the materials used while developing the ETS Plus. The high-performance materials used which are also used in the industry are ultra-light and resistant to corrosion. This saves costs in the long run!

Original Knott

Better from experience

We started our ideas already in 1937. For example, with brake solutions which are being used in the harshest conditions in the industrial and agricultural sector. We employ these experiences for our Original KNOTT trailer technology today.

One for all

Since 1997, we have been manufacturing axles, brakes and chassis for caravans – in proven and especially safe industrial quality. Our electronic stabilisation system ETS has been available since 2009. The new Original KNOTT ETS Plus is also perfectly suitable for all KNOTT and AL-KO caravan chassis and ensures safe stability while travelling. For everyone.


Use this PDF to verify whether you have enough installation space for your ETS Plus.



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