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brake_glowTested, tailored brake solutions

Knott Brake and Trailer Technology’s expertise lies in brake solutions tailored to the specific requirements of the most diverse industries. Its reputation is based on almost 80 years of experience and the world’s largest portfolio of brake programs.

To do complete justice to its own motto – “We make your brake” – the company invests in stateof-the-art manufacturing, vocational training and continuous development. But a large part of its growing success is down to its in-house test rigs. “Due to our independence, plus a large number of inspection and test facilities, we can perform all crucial preliminary investigations ourselves on-site, from initial prototypes to vehicle sign-off tests,” says test supervisor Bernhard Klumpner. The variety of test rigs alone is impressive, with fatigue endurance testing rigs, hydropulser, climatic chamber, corrosion and salt spray test, chassis dynamometer and flywheel test benches or lining shear tests. Knott engineers have continuous access to all of this equipment.

“We are particularly proud of our flywheel test dynamometers,” reveals Klumpner. With driving motors of 160-500kW output and various flywheels, road test simulations can be performed here. “Of course we also develop our own test procedures and benches when needed for specific situations. It means that we have the facilities to perform tests for which external companies would otherwise have to be commissioned.”

The advantages are clear, encompassing customized development options, a rapid response to all requirements, and in-house solutions that provide exactly what customers need: individually developed and optimized brake solutions.

Veröffentlicht am: 09.06.2016