A fairytale backdrop to our success

From one-man operation to system supplier

Looking back

The company KNOTT was founded in Eggstätt in Bavaria by Valentin Knott senior in 1937, and began by supplying parts for gearboxes.

Shortly after the end of the Second World War, KNOTT experienced a period of headlong growth. Its product range was expanded to include axles for agricultural trailers and brakes for tractors, building machinery, fork lifts and special-purpose vehicles. By acquiring a production plant in Regensburg and founding new enterprises abroad, the company has continuously expanded its capacity.

The company today

Legal status: Private Limited Company (GmbH) since 1987
Managing Partner: Dipl.-Ing.Valentin Knott
Managing Director: Ralf Grewing
Company headquarters: Eggstätt, Germany
Workforce: appr. 320
KNOTT GROUP total: appr. 1350


Eggstätt Germany
Regenstauf (former Regensburg) Germany
Ningbo, Zhejiang China
Helsinki Finland
Burton upon Trent, Staffs. UK
Pian di Macina (Bo) Italy
Wien Austria
Plawce Poland
Bukarest Rumania
Obukhovo Russia
Becej Serbia
Guarnizo Spain
Modra Slovakia
Hustopeče Czech Republic
Kecskemét Hungary
Lodi, Ohio USA